Bowfishing and Carp Control

Update on 2014 BOWFISHING in Fish Lake

First, we would like to thank all of the lake shore residents for their patience with the lights on our boats. The encouragement provided by many of the Fish Lake residents is deeply appreciated.

 Edge Bowfishing provides guided bowfishing trips in the Northwest Metro area. This year we took 620 rough fish out of local lakes. Ninety percent of the fish taken were carp with an average weight of 15+ pounds. We removed just under five tons of rough fish. Our largest fish weighed in at 45 pounds. We took a number of fish in the 30 pound class.

 This year was different from most due to the long cold winter and late ice out. A number of local lakes froze out, including Rice, Diamond, Pelican, and parts of Maple to name a few. This resulted in a number of rough fish and game fish being killed due to low oxygen levels. High water and cold weather prevented and delayed fish from spawning. The first indication to us was the absence of small fish of all types from the shallow waters. We noticed this in Fish Lake and a number of other lakes. The small fish didn't show up till later in the year.

 The number of carp seen has decreased from 50-80 a night to 20-30 on average. Game fish populations seem to be improving along with seeing walleyes. We are also now seeing a number of very large northern pike. Our bass population continues to be very healthy. A couple of years ago, I noticed a few suckers in the lake. Their population seems to be on the up tick.

 The water quality of Fish Lake this year was better then most of the area lakes. Visibility was good all year long. The weeds seemed a little more then normal. Fish Lake doesn't have the bug problems many of the West Metro lakes have.

 Next year we will continue to focus our efforts on reducing the carp population In Fish and the surrounding lakes.

 Thank you again and see you in 2015 –

Curt Cich

Edge Bowfishing

(612) 802-8370

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