Loon Nesting

Over the last year, Al Lindquist, FLARA President, researched options available to increase the loon population on Fish Lake.  

With a request to Ron Schara, he was put in touch with Lyle Laske who located the used loon-nesting platform seen in this photo. FLARA was able to purchase the platform for $200, which was definitely a value, based on the materials required and amount of work to build! Agreement was reached in the September 10th, 2014 FLARA Board meeting to place the platform on the south side of the no-wake zone where boat and pedestrian traffic is at a minimum.  Al also presented a pole design he is building with a Loon and Caution sign that will be posted near the nest to help keep it protected.  Tom Kiedrowski will be assisting Al with placement of the nest in the spring of 2015.  

Thank you Al for all your efforts to provide additional wildlife habitat for our enjoyment on the lake.

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July 2017 FLARA Board Minutes

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