Walleye Stocking

Thank you goes out to Dave Spatafore for leading the charge on this project.



Per Dave, Fish Lake took delivery of the walleye fingerlings from Goeden Fisheries on 10/29/15. Prior to this, he had submitted the DNR application, and after discussion with the regional office, was able to get approval for stocking 200 lbs. [We were only approved for 160 lbs. for the 2013 stocking.] The DNR normally permits for stocking 2 lbs. per littoral acre of lake every other year; this is the same program the DNR uses for the lakes it stocks. The littoral area of our lake is about 99 acres, but the DNR's database has it incorrectly recorded as 45 acres. Something to be worked on!


With the weight limitation, there is a tradeoff with the fingerlings of size vs. numbers. Last time in 2013, we stocked very large fingerlings (5-8"+), or about 12 per pound (1,900 total).  Because survival of those fish has appeared very good, it was decided to go with more normal sized fingerlings this time (4-7") or about 17/lb. (3,400 total fish).


Reports of people catching the 2013 fish continue, and Dave has caught many himself (see below). It is exciting to be catching walleyes out of Fish Lake. We're seeing those fish in the 11-13" range now, which is excellent growth.




Left -- Walleye catch on Fish Lake on 9/14/15 by Dave Spatafore. This walleye is one of the walleye fingerlings stocked in Fish Lake in October 2013.


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