About Us

The purpose of FLARA is to:

  • Increase and advance the civic betterment and general welfare of Fish Lake;
  • Create the spirit of goodwill and friendliness between the lake homeowners and the local community; and
  • Preserve the vitality and environmental health of this beautiful Maple Grove lake.


  • Provides education on how and why to keep the lake clean;
  • Acts as a liaison with Three Rivers Park District (“the Park”);
  • Provides information on the Park to its members, and
  • Assists the City in recognizing the periodic need to service storm-drains to the lake.


FLARA is proactive in sounding its members’ concerns to the Department of Natural Resources, local law enforcement, the Hennepin County Park System, and the Lake Quality Commission, which is a 15-member committee that reports to the Maple Grove City Council.

To contact us: 763-316-3331 or flaramail@comcast.net

Current FLARA Board Members




Alan Lindquist

Past President/Water Quality Chair

Dave Haas


Lisa Martin


Tim Myslajek

Membership Co-Chair

Tami Monk

Membership Co-Chair

 Jeff Monk

Wildlife Management

David Spatafore

Water Quality

Steve Holmgren

Water Quality/Water Surface Regulation

Brennon O’Callaghan

Water Quality/Govt Relations

Joe Randall

Water Surface Regulation

Jay Boatman

Communications Chair

Michele Cici

AIS Control & Prevention

Kristin Curtis

Lake Quality/Water Surface Regulation

Jim Greenwood

Water Quality/Water Surface Regulation

Mike Winegar

News & Events 10/5/2016

Best Practices to Minimize Nutrient Loading into Fish Lake

The Maple Grove Lake Quality Commission put together six simple actions you can do to help protect waterways (lakes, ponds, streams or wetlands) in Maple Grove.

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