Best Practices to Minimize Nutrient Loading into Fish Lake

The Maple Grove Lake Quality Commission put together six simple actions you can do to help protect waterways (lakes, ponds, streams or wetlands) in Maple Grove:

1.    Seal your trash bags and keep litter out of the street. Litter in waterways is unsightly and harmful to the animals who call that place home.

2.    Keep leaves and grass off the sidewalks and streets. Blow grass clippings back onto the lawn and not in the street. Leaves and grass contain phosphorus which can result in algae growth and toxic water for animals.

3.    Choose zero-phosphorus fertilizer. The middle number is the phosphate (phosphorus) content. A “zero” in the middle means it is phosphorus-free. Don’t fertilize before a heavy rain.

4.    Keep fertilizer and pesticides on your lawn. Sweep up extra fertilizer from sidewalks and driveways to prevent it from entering the storm drain. Chemicals harm the health of a waterway.

5.    Pick up pet waste and place it in the trash. Animal waste contains bacteria which can be harmful to humans.

6.    Keep your vehicles regularly maintained so fluids don’t leak on the street; take used motor oil to a drop-off site. Wash your car on the lawn or at a car wash, not the driveway or street.

Another good idea is to “Adopt a Storm Drain” in your neighborhood. Keep it free from all debris including grass clippings, leaves, branches, tree buds in the spring. The lakes are particularly vulnerable to an excess of nutrients from fertilizers, grass clippings, leaves, leaf buds, chemicals, and eroded sediment. Keep these elements off of sidewalks, driveways, and streets.

In the end, please do your part to make sure nothing but rain washes off your street, sidewalk, and driveway. Whatever goes into the street directly washes into the storm drain system and ends up in our waterways; the water quality of MG lakes affects everyone in the city. With good stewardship and proactive efforts, we can protect our valuable waterway resources, ensure their benefits, and provide for the future enjoyment for all residents.
The goal of lake management for the City of MG is to improve water quality by implementing lake management plans. Such plans encourage natural buffer zones around lakes or require runoff to be treated prior to direct discharge into lakes.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our waterways clean.

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